Workplace Offerings

As a corporate life coach I realize that a business organization involves relationships: supervisor to employee, employee to employee and employee to client or customer. I can work with your organization to enhance these relationships. We will identify factors that inhibit success, and I will assist you in creating a more productive work environment.

Corporate coaching can be done in an individual, small or large group format.


1. Creating Solutions: Using the Law of Attraction to Get What You Desire

We know that everything in the universe including people has an energy and a corresponding vibration. The Law of Attraction says that similar vibrations are attracted to each other. How is it that we can attract what we desire? Learn what is necessary to raise your vibration and to create shifts in your thinking. Strong desires and strong beliefs can create what you want.

2. Accepting Change in the Workplace

Change occurs all the time in our lives and can be especially challenging to deal with in the workplace. Often there is great resistance. The Law of Attraction explains what we focus on, we will attract. Our focus is on accepting what is, looking at the change as an opportunity and through a planning process create a vision of what you desire.

3. Attracting Prosperity

Learn to apply the Law of Attraction so that you can create an abundant life. Identify your obstructive beliefs. See the world as filled with abundance and look at situations as opportunities.

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