The venue for discovering clarity and the beginning of personal empowerment is often in a group setting. In my presentations I explore relevant topics, provide clear understanding to all participants and illustrate useful tools to achieve self-improvement. Here are some topics I have addressed:

  1. Creating Solutions: Using the Law of Attraction to Get What You Desire

    • We know that everything in the universe has energy and a vibration. Not only do chairs, tables and people have vibrations but also our thoughts, beliefs and emotions have vibrations. The Law of Attraction says that similar vibrations are attracted to each other. How is it then that we can attract what we desire? Learn what is necessary to raise your vibration and to create shifts in your thinking. Strong desires and strong beliefs can create what you want that can lead to a new career, a different relationship or improved health.

  2. The Mind/Body Connection

    • This program features an explanation of the Law of Attraction and the effect of our thoughts, beliefs, feelings and emotions on our body and our health. We discuss how emotions can become trapped and the role of alternative treatments to increase the flow of energy within the body. Health has been described as “balance”. How do we get in balance?

  3. Accepting Change

    • Change occurs all the time in our lives and it can be challenging to deal with change both in the home and in the workplace. Often there is great resistance. The Law of Attraction explains what we focus on, we will attract. Our objective is on accepting what is, looking at the change as an opportunity and creating a vision of what we desire.

  4. Discovering Your Life Purpose

    • Are you feeling “stuck” or have no sense of satisfaction with where you are in life? This four-part series investigates your personal priorities in the areas of health, prosperity, career and relationships. Together we will plan individual goals, write a personal mission statement and examine your life’s journey.

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